Beginners Guide to Creating a Simple Algo Strategy (important info not to be missed!)

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Presented by: Kevin Davey @ KJ Trading Systems, topics include:

- Basics of Algo Trading
- Why You Should (and Should NOT) Consider Algo Trading
- 3 Common Misconceptions About Algos
- 4 Big Mistakes People Make Creating Algos
- Let’s Build A Simple Gold Algo
- Example EasyLanguage Code & Pseudo code demonstration
- Attend live to get all your questions answered!

Discussion thread for Q&A:

0:00 Intro
7:11 Outline
11:50 Algorithmic trading basics
21:24 Algo advantages, disadvantages
36:30 Misconceptions
43:57 Four big algo mistakes
49:20 Let's build an algo!
1:03:06 Further steps
1:05:48 Where to start
1:07:49 Summary, Q&A

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