US Government May Actually Want Much Higher Bitcoin Prices

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In this video, I discuss my hypothesis that the US government may actually want to encourage much, much higher Bitcoin prices as a way of fighting the new Chinese CBDC (central bank digital currency).

The US may be encouraging the move to a Bitcoin standard system, in a way that was similar to the petrodollar system that evolved after the US moved off the gold standard in 1971. Crude oil was allowed to appreciate sharply, so that its market cap could accommodate global trade in USD. The US military agreed to keep shipping channels open and protect Saudi Arabia, in exchange for the Saudis selling their oil exclusively in USD.

Those who believe that the US government wants to ban Bitcoin may have it exactly backwards. Through Wall Street and regulatory approval of Bitcoin, the US may be tacitly allowing Bitcoin to become the new global reserve asset, as a geopolitical move against China.

If Bitcoin rises to the level of the US M2 money supply, it implies Bitcoin prices close to $1 million.

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